The marriage of depth and scale

(iM)merse LongitudinalEvery day at iModerate we hear about the problems customers have due to the lack of consistent dialogue with consumers. They feel out of touch, they fall behind on competitive movements and consumer trends, they don’t fully understand the new markets they dive into, and loyalties shift without a clear reason why.

They have options – from standard tracking studies, to social listening, to communities, but all of them fall short on their own and pieced together are too complex and disparate. There is a need for something that provides both depth and scale, insight and metrics.

iModerate’s (iM)merse offers a way to really talk with consumers, consistently and over time to stay ahead of the curve, better identify opportunities and trends and make research proactive instead of reactive. This subscription-based research service combines monthly individual conversations with cutting-edge text analytics to provide both context and data to inform decision making.

(iM)merse Audience

(iM)merse KPI

(iM)merse Competitive

When: You have key audiences that warrant more attention and a deeper understanding. You want to know them at an individual, not a market level. This is designed to help you stay on top of their changing desires, attitudes and behaviors and help establish consumer intimacy. When: Your business and personal success is tied to specific KPIs such as brand awareness, NPS, and customer satisfaction. These numbers move over time, and you’re unsure of the reason behind their movement and what action to take.This solution uncovers the drivers and sheds light on what to improve and what to replicate so you can proactively impact the numbers. When: Competitive knowledge is based solely on sales and marketplace data and you are vulnerable to getting blindsided, or being the laggard in your competitive set.This solution helps you understand the consumer’s relationship with your competition and their attachment to their offerings. You can confidently know where you stand, how to react, and how to move forward.

How it Works

benchmark-auditBenchmark Audit
First month’s conversations serve to establish “where we started.” Conducting 150-200 conversations to get a good baseline read. Adjustments to the guide are made at completion of this phase.


ongoing-phaseOngoing Phase
Minimum of 100 chats per month.
80% of the discussion guide is static month-to month.
20% of the guide can change to explore seasonal  or special topics of interest.


Monthly flash reports describe month-to-month shifts and the monthly topic.
In-depth quarterly report providing a point of view on the cumulative learnings to date.

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