(iM)mediate Designed to Deliver Quality Insights More Quickly and Easily


Jun 21, 2017

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DENVER, Colo. (June 21, 2017) – iModerate, a progressive insights agency and division of 20|20 Research, today announced the launch of (iM)mediate, a research approach that provides quick-turn studies, with insights delivered in as little as five days.

This new approach was developed to help researchers and marketers keep pace with changing business needs, as insights teams are increasingly called upon to deliver more answers in shorter timeframes. Ideally suited for testing stimuli such as concepts, advertising, or messaging, as well as for other streamlined research objectives, (iM)mediate provides a way to uncover accurate and actionable insight more easily and cost-effectively than traditional research designs.

“Researchers and marketers need answers quickly so they can provide stakeholders with recommendations and information to support more decisions,” said Julia Eisenberg, vice president of operations at iModerate. “With (iM)mediate, we’ve combined the best of both our technology and our human intelligence to provide meaningful insights faster than ever before, without compromising client timelines or resources.”

(iM)mediate is a flexible approach that enhances decision making by providing a quick avenue for feedback. Clients can test their creative or concepts with targeted audiences and receive the necessary insights in a matter of days. For each piece of stimuli tested, clients will receive a First Impression Score, a quantitative indicator of respondent reactions, which iModerate then rounds out with qualitative feedback for greater depth.

“With our unique cognitive framework, advanced technology platforms, experienced analysts, and proprietary nationwide panel, we have all key resources in house, enabling us to execute quality research quickly,” Eisenberg noted.  “Applying our tools to this new approach will in turn help our clients work smarter and faster within their own organizations, so they can inform more business decisions in less time.”

About iModerate

iModerate is a progressive insights agency that empowers clients to take decisive, proof-based action that evolves businesses and transforms brands. The company pairs powerful cognitive techniques with the latest research methods to help brands identify nuanced intelligence that revolutionizes their thinking and gives them an edge. Since 2004, iModerate has conducted hundreds of thousands of engagements, analyzed vast amounts of consumer commentary, and helped over one-third of the Fortune 500 discover how consumers think about, characterize, experience, and discuss their brand. In 2016, iModerate joined 20|20 Research, expanding the suite of research solutions available to help brands expose their hidden consumer truths.  www.imoderate.com


By engaging an experienced firm such as iModerate, whose business is qualitative research, you get online delivery of depth interviews by experienced researchers – both during the interviews and for the analysis. iModerate does not simply understand our business questions, but they work to scope discussion guides to advance both the narrow business question and the larger context of the experience, helping us advance marketing and business objectives with their findings well beyond the immediate need.

Angela Knittle, Market Research Manager, Penske