Saving brands from the obvious

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to channel hidden consumer truths into brand catalysts

Our Story

13 years ago we saw a need in the consumer insights and marketing world… a world where the approach to understanding consumers was imperfect and incomplete. Brands wanted to know more – like how customers make decisions, the experiences they expect, how to keep them coming back, why they purchase, and how their behaviors are changing.

iModerate answered the call by pioneering qualitative research approaches such as the online one-on-one. In doing so, we helped clients fill knowledge gaps and discover elusive consumer truths that help their brands grow.

Today, consumer feedback tools are abundant and everyone has the means to stay relatively informed. But brands still need more. Their edge lies in the ability to go one step further, to move beyond what’s obvious and overthrow assumptions. iModerate empowers brands to revolutionize their thinking. By blending powerful cognitive psychology techniques with the latest market research methods, our team of consumer investigators helps identify nuanced intelligence to fuel confident action. We’ve empowered over 1/3 of the Fortune 500 to make bold, consumer-centric decisions that impact the bottom line.

So what brand hurdles can we help you conquer?


Conquer your BRAND HURDLES.

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