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Movies: The High Price of Admission


Oct 29, 2014

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Box office sales plummeted during the summer of 2014. We were curious as to why Americans were seemingly averse to the past time of catching the latest feature film, so we sought to uncover the story behind the decline. By engaging over 100 consumers in one-on-one conversations, we learned what’s keeping consumers away from the theater, and what it would take to bring them back to the big screen.

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Our relationship with iModerate has enabled us to quickly and efficiently seek the voice of the consumer or customer, and incorporate it into our business decisions, allowing us to become smarter and faster to market. The team iModerate is, in essence, a virtual extension of the Abbott research team – from them, I know that when I pick up the phone and call, on the other end will be someone who understands my business, knows my target consumer, and will always deliver high quality results.

Kristen McLane, Manager, Shopper Insights & Category Development, Abbott Nutrition