Our Solutions

Only 20% of marketers believe they truly know their customers.

Our solutions are designed to change that.

We strive to deliver context at every turn, whether helping to simply extract more value from open end survey responses or providing foresight into the next big trend.

When engaging with consumers, one-on-ones are our vehicle. Anonymous, comfortable, and straightforward, they give our moderators room to explore and consumers opportunities to speak out. Surrounded by a proprietary cognitive framework called ThoughtPath™, and consumer experts who explore and uncover what data sets can’t, we make it easy to understand what’s actually important and how to elevate the consumer experience.


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(iM)merge™ Analytics

We have discovered the optimal solution for the analysis of unstructured text: the combination of text analytics and our qualitative analysis.

Online One-on-Ones

More than any other, our method creates an environment for revealing honest, organic consumer responses.

(iM)merse™ Longitudinal

iModerate’s (iM)merse solutions offer a way to really talk with consumers, consistently and over time, to stay ahead of the curve, better identify opportunities and trends and make research proactive instead of reactive.


We’re better able to discover what consumers think, because we understand how they think. It’s online market research with a cognitive approach.

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