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Exploring the Value of Higher Ed with Grads and Parents

educationThis study looks at the hopes, aspirations, experiences, and regrets of today’s college and vocational graduates and their parents. We explore the opportunities they expect from different types of institutions, their degree selections and subsequent career alignment, post-graduation reflections of the value of higher education, and finally, their advice for other prospective students and parents about to embark on the journey. All these considerations serve to answer the ultimate question: is higher education still “worth it”? Download the report »

The Pluralist Generation - Reimagining the American Dream.

In this research we talked to young teenagers,  a notoriously hard to reach audience, about an old topic – The American Dream. We were able to connect with them through our online text-based tool and the incorporation of Pinterest. In using a medium they were comfortable with, the teens opened up about what the American Dream meant to them personally as well as it’s relevancy in today’s world. Download the report »

Social TV

This research report takes a deep look into the new Social TV phenomenon. This qual-quant study focuses on who engages in Social TV, why they do it, and what impact it has on their viewing experience. The report paints a picture of three main “Social TV Gurus”, uncovers key drivers such as community, and shows how Social TV has become a mass influencer. Download the report »

Functional vs. Fortified Food

This research report takes a look what consumers think and feel about certain health foods and the impact this has on the food industry. Specifically, our qualitative study with over 80 participants investigates the sources that inform consumers about healthy foods, the barriers to eating these foods as well as the inputs that impact purchase decisions. Download the report »

The role of m-Commerce in the new shopper landscape

m-commerce-imgIn this study we partnered with uSamp to take a look at the role mobile devices are playing in the new shopping landscape. Our qual-quant study reveals that while consumers are embracing the latest technology as another means to shop for products, companies still need to make improvements to provide better convenience and functionality for them on a mobile device.  For marketers, understanding how to create an effortless consumer experience that makes shopping on a mobile device more appealing is just one major key to success. In this report you’ll find this and many other tips to inform and improve your mobile strategy. Download the report »

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