What If We Shared Insights Like Music?

What If We Shared Insights Like Music?

iModerate Author

Aug 08, 2011

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It’s no secret that I like music and technology. Who doesn’t? But with the recent announcement of Spotify (basically free streaming music anywhere, anytime) launching in the US market, I’m especially excited. Combine the big Spotify news with all the other talk about everyone’s cloud capabilities and I started thinking about these types of mechanisms at work within the market research industry. How awesome would it be to leverage streaming content, crowdsourced insights, and have both paid and free content easily available for us insights gurus to mix, mash and track? Essentially, I’m talking about a mind-blowing insight platform that goes a little something like this…

1) Opt-in consumers capture and share their own natural behaviors and ideas through video, diary postings, pictures, etc… and post to the “insight cloud”.

2) Consumers and researchers tag and/or code the content. Check out brand tags for a good and fun example.

3) Consumers and market researchers type whatever they are looking for into a search box and boom… instant, genuine, categorized insights.

Maybe I’m dreaming, but indulge me for another minute… A platform that could support real-time, crowd-reported events could elevate the meaning and application of market research to an entirely new and consumer centric level (think of CNN’s iReport with an insights twist). Share this, recommend that, and thumbs-up ratings for the most impactful content.

Taking it a step further, I wonder what it would look like if you could add DMAs or census information and really let the crowd go to work organizing events and deciding what is and is not significant. What would your insight playlist look like, who would you track and follow? It would be like having a meaningful insight feed of what your favorite consumers were up to at any given time in their life. Like a better Twitter, or a more focused Tumblr.

Some amazing real-time technology exists like dscout and Shopkick, but they’re just a taste of what could soon be a much more nimble and collaborative research process. As I always say, if you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly.  

iModerate Author

The insights I received from iModerate really brought our NPS program to life. While it was always highly-visible and important to key stakeholders it did not resonate as well with the majority of employees. The iModerate piece rounded out the NPS program and brought it to a place where it is now more valued, transparent and salient across the organization. Having the consumer’s voice and that context has helped us build business cases and impact operations in a way that has led to great success.

Adriana Smith, Manager, Brand Strategy, NRG Energy