We were able, without extending the budget, to really understand why people were becoming Facebook fans and Twitter followers of specific brands, instead of just knowing exactly what they said… iModerate has really been a huge asset to Chadwick Martin Bailey.”

Josh Mendelsohn VP, Chadwick Martin Bailey

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The art and science of discovering meaningful consumer insights.

Being the research buffs we are, we looked at the learnings from over 100,000 of our online one-on-one conversations and came to an insightful conclusion: we can better understand what consumers think because we understand how they think.

Over the years and conversations, patterns emerged within our question-and-answer dynamic. We found that our research process aligned with time-tested truths about how the human brain naturally works. From these discoveries, we developed a robust yet flexible framework that allows us to explore in an authentic, organic and relevant manner the questions most important to our clients.

We call it ThoughtPath

ThoughtPath is both art and science. It’s how we orient ourselves as qualitative researchers to solve your problems and obtain the richest insights. It’s our proprietary approach for getting deeper into the heads of consumers by understanding how their thought process actually works.

ThoughtPath draws on three select cognitive theories and the art of conducting meaningful conversations in a text-based environment. By understanding how consumers think and applying that to everything we do — from moderator training, to discussion guides, to the questions we ask — we find the nuggets in consumer communication that set iModerate apart from all other online methods.

Guiding Principles

Left Right
To better understand the connection between consumers and your brand, we look at how consumers see themselves, what they really notice and the experiences that shape them.
Consumers understand and interpret a brand based on how it fits in their own lives. Experience, or Phenomenology, allows us to look at the events that inform this relationship so you can better understand how individuals connect to your brand.
By uncovering how individuals see themselves, who they aspire to be and where they belong in the world, we better understand what is relevant to them and how they make choices. This is Identity Theory.
To make sense of the world around them, consumers naturally do four things: notice, categorize, group and infer. Perception Theory enables us to quickly understand what really resonates with consumers.

ThoughtPath and What it Means to Your Business

With ThoughtPath, iModerate can develop the ideal field guide for your conversations, enabling our skilled moderators to get into each consumer’s head space to discover what’s most important to them, what’s not, and why. With ThoughtPath guiding us, we can quickly assimilate and analyze the insights to provide you with a rich, relevant and actionable research story.

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